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Subsplash Platform Best Practices Review and Workshop

Get 6 meetings designed to maximize your workflows and adopt best practices in the real world of ministry.

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Explore the great tools available in Subsplash and get real workflows that you can use and reuse on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. With me as your consultant, we will jump into your actual workflows and build and tweak the use of them for your team so that your users have a great experience. Ultimately we are trying to increase their engagement. This process will make that happen for you

We are pleased to offer this Subsplash Platform Best Practices Review and Workshop. Let's take 6 months and 6 meetings to make sure your team has a clear pathway for staff and user adoption.

The purpose of these meetings and workshops is to bring your staff into a space were we can maximize your workflows in Subsplash to create ease for staff, repeatable workflows, and adopt practices that will encourage engagement from your users. We will also take time to discuss and plan content and media designed to engage your organization to encourage adoption.

Your app and web platform project is already in progress through your own work or through the Implementation Process. Now it's time to ramp up your use and get the support you need from a long-time user and Subsplash Pro. Let me help you develop your app further and give you repeatable processes that you can take over and maintain easily. 6 meetings, once a month, so we can review your processes and so I can build your next iterations of content distribution.

What You Will Learn

How to create a repeating livestream workflow to push to facebook, youtube, your app, and website

Build and use Public and Private groups for chatting, messaging, and registrations

How to create a repeating livestream workflow to push to facebook, youtube, your app, and website

Leverage Calendars, Giving, Payments, and Snappages to create engaging event signups

Maximize your written content by scheduling Fill-In-Notes that increase engagement

Explore custom code implementations and 3rd party embeds

Get real feedback about how your app is working and engaging your people

6 meetings

6 development hours 6 months

Lets get it done!

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